Team Member

From the Base package, you can use the Team Member feature to create and manage multiple sub-accounts with different access levels. These sub-accounts renew with the main account, and you can manage login information, change passwords, transfer, or delete them.

To create sub-accounts, use emails that haven’t been registered on Hidemyacc. Hidemyacc offers:

  • 1 free sub-account with the Base package

  • 3 free sub-accounts with the Team package

  • 5 free sub-accounts with the Business package

If your team needs more sub-accounts, you can create additional ones and pay based on the remaining days of the main account. Sub-accounts will be locked if not renewed upon expiration. To unlock them, a renewal payment is required. To allow your teammates to work on sub-accounts, share profiles from the main account with them.

Video instructions for Hidemyacc 3.0 payment:

To add new sub account, click on the Create a new sub-account button and fill needed information such as accounts's email, name, password, then click Create.

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