By default, you don't need to adjust the configurations in Advanced Tab because we already set up everything you need.

These are the advanced settings available when creating a new profile on Hidemyacc.

  1. Security Section: If you do not wish to synchronize data with Hidemyacc's server, please disable the Browser Data Synchronization to the Cloud feature.

  2. Hardware Section

  • Mask Canvas: This setting requires the browser to render a hidden Canvas image, which is then converted into a hash string format to assist in the identification of browser fingerprints. This parameter may not be unique since there could be a set of hardware device replicas of yours somewhere in the world.

  • Audio Context: This represents the audio frequency characteristic of the device. The website will request that the browser simulate the playback of audio files based on your audio settings and installed hardware. This parameter may not be unique.

  • WebGL Image: This parameter pertains to web pixel data or how Google Maps and 3D graphics are displayed on websites.

  • WebGL Metadata: This parameter relates to the graphics card. If you are using a virtual machine, there will be no graphics card data available, making it easier for websites to detect that you are not using a genuine device. Conversely, antidetect browsers like Hidemyacc will always provide graphics card data, ensuring websites recognize it as a legitimate device.

  • Client Rects: This information relates to the distance between pixels, allowing websites to gather data about font and screen resolution.

  1. Others

  • Clear Cache after browser shutdown: Clear the cache each time the profile is closed.

  • Restore last Browser session: When the profile is run, it will reopen previously opened tabs.

  • Don't allow sites to show images:If enabled, the profile will not display images on visited websites.

  • Mute Audio: If enabled, the profile will not play sound on websites.

  1. Notes: Enter notes for your profile.

  2. Start URL: When the profile is run, the system will automatically open these URLs. You can add as many URLs as you like. If you no longer wish to open these URLs, you can change them to different ones or delete them.

  3. Navigator Section

  • Language: This is the browser language. You can change the browser language according to your needs.

  • Parameters such as screen resolution, hardware memory, and device memory can be left as default or customized according to your needs.

  1. Mask Media Device Section

These are the parameters regarding peripheral devices connected to your computer. If you turn it off, the system will automatically retrieve information based on your real computer. If you turn it on, Hidemyacc will either randomize or allow you to customize the following parameters:

  • Video inputs (number of cameras): A range from 1 to 5.

  • Audio inputs (number of microphones): A range from 1 to 5.

  • Audio outputs (number of speakers): A range from 1 to 5.

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