Nowadays, websites gather information about your browsing history to decide if your account is trustworthy enough. They can manage this by tracking your browser's cookies. Websites can not track other websites' cookies.

Websites will use cookies to track your activities and movements across the Internet. So, if you want your accounts/profiles to look trustworthy, you need to have cookies in every accounts/browser profile.

Using the Automation feature of Hidemyacc to visit lists of URLs, run a bot to visit sites and collect cookies. Each profile securely stores your cookies and cache, allowing you to save precious time.

For example, you can write a Script for your profiles to automatically visit sites, simulate actions like real users and collect cookies from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok... So your accounts will look more trustworthy and won't be suspended.

Hidemyacc already added many available templates for you to use directly or as an example to write your own script.

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