The Windows Manager allows you to set the size of open windows and arrange the layout for these windows when running. The window layout depends on your screen size.

Uniform size

Synchronize the window size of profiles according to the main profile.

  1. Change the main window size

  2. Click Uniform size. The controlled profile window size will then change to match the main profile.

Custom size

Customize the size of the profiles.

  1. Select the desired size in the Monitor section.

  2. Click Custom size to change the window size of the profiles (including the main profile).

Arrange Profile Layout

You need to set these parameters before running profiles. After running profiles, these parameters cannot be edited.

  1. Scale profile (%): Zoom in/out window size. If your screen is small but you still want to display all profiles on the same screen, you can scale down the window size of the profiles to fit all profiles on the screen.

  2. Window layout: Arrange window layout by specifying position, size, spacing, and the number of windows arranged in a row.

  1. Automatic layout: The system will automatically arrange these windows based on your screen size.

  • Grid: Grid layout.

  • Overlapped: Overlapping layout.

  • Default: Default initial window position.

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