Browser command group

New tab

Enter the Website URL you want the Script to open. Click on "three dot" icon to edit command.

You can also choose to:

  • Random Google keywords: Input random Google keywords from the server.

  • Random Amazon keywords: Input random keywords from the Amazon website.

  • Random Etsy keywords: Input random keywords from the Etsy website.

  • Random eBay keywords: Input random keywords from the eBay website.

  • Random line of text: Randomly select text by lines.


Your profile will wait for the specific seconds you chose before continuing to the next action.

Wait navigation

Wait for the page after navigation

Go back

This command helps you return to the previous page.

Go forward

Go forward to the next page of the tab.

Close tab

Close the currently open tab.

Reload tab

Refresh the currently open webpage.

Take screenshot

Take a screenshot of current active tab. You can choose to take a screenshot of the current display (Page), capture the entire web page (Full page), or capture any element (An element).

If you don't name the file, the system will randomly generate a name for you. As for the file location, it will be set as the default to save in 'Downloads,' or you can choose a different desired location

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