Import/Export scripts

Import self-coded scripts

You can import self-coded scripts in JSON or Puppeteer format to run on Hidemyacc. In the "Your Scripts" section, click on the "Import script" icon.

You can import two types of scripts:

  • Text script: This is a .txt file script exported from the drag-and-drop script created on Hidemyacc. You can use this feature to import scripts exported from other Hidemyacc accounts.

  • Puppeteer script: You can upload a file or write your own code in the section below.

Export scripts

To export drag-and-drop scripts, click "Edit" script and then select "Export".

The exported script will be encrypted as a .txt file. You can import the script to run on other Hidemyacc accounts.

Note: Do not make any edits to the exported file.

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