New browser source - Marco

Marco is a cutting-edge browser source developed with advanced technology.

Built on the powerful Chrome engine, just like Ghosty, Marco equipped with innovative technology that allow you to easily bypass high-security websites such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and browser fingerprint webchecks, enabling you to access blocked content with ease.

Marco has a wide range of parameters including the latest operating systems like Windows 11 and MacOS with M1 and M2 chips providing you with plenty of options when creating new profiles.

It is also compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Yandex.

The Foxy browser source will be updated later.

For customers having profiles on Foxy, you can use both Hidemyacc 2.0 and Hidemyacc 3.0 concurrently. However, Hidemyacc highly recommends transitioning to Ghosty or Marco to ensure the utmost security and productivity of your account.

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