With Hidemyacc, every time you run a profile, the IP address of WebRTC will be automatically adjusted based on the first IP address of the proxy you are using. Therefore, when using the proxy, it is important to carefully consider whether you should enable or disable WebRTC in the following situations:

  • With static proxy, you can leave it as the default setting ("Altered"), where the WebRTC IP matches the proxy IP, or enter a different IP for WebRTC to use.

  • With rotating proxy, you should choose "Disable" WebRTC to protect your account because the IP address obtained by WebRTC after the initial one will not match.

  • With the "Real" setting, WebRTC will automatically adopt the IP address of your actual, real-time IP address that you are currently using.

Video instructions on how to use the WebRTC feature: https://youtu.be/uru-c5k1-YE

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