Proxy Manager

With Proxy Manager, when creating a new profile, you can select a proxy from the management repository to add to that profile. You can also add proxies in bulk to existing profiles.


To manage proxies, go to "Proxy Manager," where default displayed information includes:

  • Proxy type

  • IP address

  • The number of profiles using each proxy

  • Activity status

  • Proxy location

  • Tags for custom grouping

  • Proxy expiration date.

You can customize the display screen by clicking on the "Display Setting" section.

And selecting the information you want to show.

To add proxies to the Proxy Manager, click "Add proxy." A popup screen will appear, and you fill in the proxy information.

  • Proxy connection type: HTTP, Socks 4, or Socks 5.

  • Proxy list: add proxies in the format IP:Port:Username:Password. If adding multiple proxies at once, place each proxy on a separate line.

  • Tags: to group these proxies by , making it easier to search for proxies based on tags.

  • Expiration date: You can set an expiration date for the proxy to remember its validity.

  • Notes: you can add if needed.

Afterward, press "Add" to complete the process.

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