Record Automation

To use the Record feature, navigate to Automation and select the Record icon.

A new Hidemyacc profile will be created with a randomized size. To start recording your actions, click the Record button.

Please note: The Record feature is applicable only on web pages; actions outside of the page, such as opening new tabs, URLs, clicking bookmarks, etc., will not be recorded.

For instance, if you want to create an automation script for Google searching a specific keyword, you can access >> click Record >> Type the keyword >> Press Enter. The automation script will be equivalent to the following commands:

  1. New tab <>

  2. Click element <Search button>

  3. Type <your desired keyword>

  4. Keyboard <Enter>

To initiate script creation, open the desired webpage, click Record, and start performing actions. Hidemyacc will guide you on creating a simple automation script on Twitter using this Record feature.

First, visit the Twitter page and log in to your account. This script involves actions like scrolling through the newsfeed, following users, and interacting with their posts.

Press Start to begin recording.

Next, follow the script's actions:

  1. Scroll through the newsfeed: Scroll slowly to ensure accurate recording of your actions.

  2. Click on Search to find a user by username. Note: Click precisely on the Selector; incorrect selections may lead to random clicks within the selected area.

  1. Enter the username, e.g., @hidemyacc_com, and press Enter to search. The system will record your typing and Enter key actions.

  1. The results will be displayed. Click precisely on the selector (as described in the image).

  1. Then, click Follow for that user.

  1. Afterward, scroll through the user's page and interact with the posts. Ensure precise selection of the selector when clicking on interaction buttons.

  1. Once the script is complete, click Stop, name the script, and save it. If you don't want to save the script, click Cancel.

  1. After saving the script, the system will display a message. If you want to revisit the script on this profile, click Restart; otherwise, click Cancel.

You can review your automation script by clicking the three dots and selecting Edit.

The automation script will be saved in the form of commands. You can edit the script content. The system will use standard selectors from the web; double-check to ensure the correct selector is chosen.

To check if the selector is standard for the web, copy the selector from the automation script, go to Twitter, right-click, select Inspect, click on Element, and press Ctrl+F to paste the selector into the search box. As you can see, this selector is Home button. For other selectors, follow the same process.

Note when using the Record Automation feature

  • It saves time by recording your actions on the website.

  • Wait for the website to load fully before starting the next actions.

  • Use standard selectors and double-check them after script creation.

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