The Text Manager allows you to set and control the text input in each window.

Clear text: Click to clear entered text in all windows simultaneously.

Random number

Enter any number within the range you set.

  1. Set the desired number range.

  2. Click Enter randomly to input random numbers for these profiles.

Identical Text

This setting allows you to input the same text for all profiles.

  1. Enter the desired text in the settings box.

  2. Click Type as human to let the system automatically input the text.

You can customize typing speed in the Settings section.

Designated Text

Input different texts for each profile. You can create Text Groups and fill in the content in these groups.


Input text from top to bottom, according to the order of selected profiles.

Example: Text

antidetect browser Hidemyacc
the best antidetect browser
multiple accounts

Order of selected profiles:

  1. Profile 1 (Main)

  2. Profile 2 (Controlled)

  3. Profile 3 (Controlled)

When selecting Designated, the corresponding text for the profiles will be: antidetect browser Hidemyacc

antidetect browser Hidemyacc - Profile 1
the best antidetect browser - Profile 2
multiple accounts - Profile 3

Enter randomly

Enter random text for profiles.

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