All you need to know to create automation scripts to farm and manage multiple accounts with Hidemyacc

The completely new Automation feature in Hidemyacc 3.0 helps you save time, effort, and money on repetitive tasks such as Cookie Bot, creating accounts, web surfing, and more.

All you need to do is drag and drop commands; no programming skills are required. Hidemyacc will automatically run scripts on selected profiles and perform repetitive tasks according to your requirements.

The Automation feature is currently free for all packages, including the trial package.

Hidemyacc Automation is divided into three parts:

  • Create a new script

  • Your scripts

  • System's scripts


Hidemyacc allows you to create automation scripts with 3 different ways:

  • Drag and drop commands

  • Record your actions on website

  • Import self-coding script

After creating the script, you can run test and debug it. The script will be saved in your script repository once it's complete.


You will see the scripts you have created in here. Additionally, you can also import self-coding scripts for use on Hidemyacc.


Hidemyacc provides users with almost 30 automation scripts that you can use for free and modify as needed. After editing, the modified free scripts will appear in your script repository.

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