Create Hidemyacc Profile

To create a new Hidemyacc Profile, click on New Profiles.

Each profile will have different computer information, geographic location, IP address, a new user.


In the Overview tab, you can set up the Operating System and Browser configurations of your New Profile by following these steps:

  1. Enter your profile's name.

  2. Choose Operating System for your profile.

  3. Choose Browser for your profile.

For Hidemyacc to be most effective, we suggest you select the Operating System that matches your computer's operating system.


Next, let's set up a proxy for your Profile in Proxy tab:

  1. Choose your Connection Type (Hidemyacc supports HTTP, Socks4, Socks5, tinsoftproxy, and tmproxy).

  2. Enter your proxy info in the form: ip:port:username:password then click Import.

  3. Click on Check Proxy.

  • If Hidemyacc connects successfully:

  • If Hidemyacc can't connect to Proxy:


By default, Timezone and WebRTC and Geolocation are automatically filled based on your Proxy.


You can install extensions directly on Browser or you can add through Hidemyacc by click on Choose Folder

Next, choose the Folder that containing the Extensions you want to add and click Select Folder. Hidemyacc will automatically adds the Extensions you chose to your Profile's Browser.


By default, you don't need to adjust the configurations in Advanced Tab because we already set up everything you need.

In Security section:

  • If you intend to use Hidemyacc on high security websites like eBay, Amazon, Walmart... you should turn Enhanced Protection on.

  • If you don't want to sync your data to our server, turn Sync browser data to the cloud off.

In Navigator section: you can change the Languages of your Browser. Click on Edit and choose the Languages you want and click on Save.

In Mask Media Devices section, if you want to keep using your computer's canvas, turn Mask Canvas off. Because many computers have the same canvas nowadays, so it is safe to use your real computer's canvas.

In Other section: you can choose to turn on the settings you want

  • Clear Cache after browser shutdown will helps reduce storage space of Hidemyacc on your computer.

  • Restore Last Browser Session will lets you open every page of your last session.

  • Don't allow sites to show images is suitable for anyone using a low quality Internet.

  • Mute Audio will mute your profile's audio.

  • Start URL is the start page whenever you open the profile.

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