Magic Link

The Magic Link feature can help you create multiple URL links. When copied into a different browser, you can create multiple Hidemyacc profiles with parameters similar to that browser, making it easy to transfer from other software to Hidemyacc.

The copied parameters will include:

  • Operating System

  • Browser

  • Screen Resolution

  • Device Memory

  • Hardware Concurrency

  • Graphics Card

  • ...

To use this feature, go to Settings >> Select Magic Link feature.

To get started, you need to create a URL link by clicking on the "Create New URL" button.

  • After clicking to create the URL, it will be displayed immediately below.

  • Click the copy icon to copy the URL.

  • Click the delete icon to delete the created URL.

Please note that each URL will be used only once. After use, these URL links will be deleted.

You will use this URL link to paste into the browser or profile you want to copy.

After copying the URL link, paste it into the browser from which you want to copy the parameters. The screen after accessing the link will display the screen as follows:

  • Name: The name will be generated randomly, and you can rename the profile as you like.

  • Folder: It displays a list of all the folders in your account. You can choose to add the profile to a folder or leave it without adding to a folder.

  • Extension: It will display the extensions that support you in exporting the browser's cookies. It is recommended to use the Cookiebro extension, which allows you to export all cookies from all websites in the browser.

Next, click "Create" to complete creating the new profile. After successful creation, the screen will display a message indicating that the profile has been successfully created.

You can go to Hidemyacc to run this profile and check parameters.


To import cookies, you need to use an extension that supports cookie export and import.

Hidemyacc provides instructions on how to import and export cookies using Cookiebro. For other cookie extension tools, you can follow a similar process.

  • Search for the Cookiebro extension in the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to the browser where you want to export cookies.

  • Open the Cookiebro extension, click on "Cookies Editor," and export cookies from your browser.

  • Run the Hidemyacc profile that you created using the Magic Link and open the Cookiebro extension. Click on "Cookies Editor" in Cookiebro to import cookies.

  • Click "Import cookies" and upload the previously exported cookie file to complete the process.

You can check cookies here: chrome://settings/content/all

Or access the websites that have been imported cookies to verified.

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