Enhance security with 2-Factor Authentication

From version 3.0, Hidemyacc introduces an additional 2FA feature to bolster the security of your account. Once you turn on 2FA in version 3.0, this feature will also be enabled when you log in to your Hidemyacc 2.0 account.

Note: You can only activate the 2FA feature on Hidemyacc 3.0.

Upon enabling the 2FA feature in Hidemyacc 3.0, you can choose one of the following apps to scan the QR code:

  • Authy iPhone | Android | Chrome | Linux | OS X | BlackBerry

  • Google Authenticator iPhone | Android

  • Microsoft Authenticator Windows Phone | Android

  • Hidemyacc Authenticator https://gauth.hidemyacc.com/ (you need to enter the secret key which Hidemyacc provides)

After enabling, every time you log in, delete a profile, or transfer a profile, you need to enter 2FA code to proceed with the operation.

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