Hidemyacc's loyalty customer program

Hidemyacc's loyalty customer program

Hidemyacc's Loyalty Customer Program is a program aimed at appreciating Hidemyacc's customers. Upon participation, you will receive benefits based on the achieved ranking. Ranking is calculated based on the accumulated payment level of customers when purchasing Hidemyacc packages.

Customer loyalty class

Based on the accumulated package payment level, customer ranks will be divided into 6 classes. Customers will ascend in class once they meet the payment threshold as follows:

ClassTotal accumulated amount


> $2175


> $1085 to $2175


> $435 to $1085


> $175 to $435


<= $175


No payment has been made

Benefits for each customer loyalty class

Based on the customer loyalty class, customers can enjoy various attractive benefits including:

  • Direct 24/7 1-1 support

  • Receive free proxies from the system

  • Participate in discount programs, receive extra usage days.

  • Receive premium automation scripts, custom tailored.

The program will vary depending on each campaign, customers are advised to follow our Facebook fanpage or Twitter for updates on the latest offers.

How to check customer loyalty class

You can easily check your current customer loyalty class on Hidemyacc. Simply click on the Profile icon located at the top left corner of the app.

How to check payment progress

In the Billing section under Payments, you can review your package payment history and track your payment accumulation progress.

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